Lately we are quite logorrheic. Infact we have had the privilege of working on logos that will be the proud face of many small businesses. It’s a huge responsability, one cannot deny it, because in a new logo are placed so many hopes and plans; that’s why, until some time ago, for us the first impact with a logo was of terror and panic and procrastination without borders. We have not studied graphic design, but illustration and comics design, and we know far too well that in some circles of purists they would spint in our teas before serving, and they would put pins on our chairs. But since lately we are furiously following the path to become WONDERFUL, we have decided to ignore it and just do our best. With our diverse capabilities we have so much to offer and with working together we can create something really personal and unique.

Putting your helmet on, the first thing to do is understand what the client wants, then do a lot of research and then start scribbling and sketching. And the sketching sometimes reaches epic proportions. Especially when I make up my mind to try to write something all by mylsef, while Luisa is engaged in a thousand other things.
Sheets and sheets are filled with one or a couple of words, and I’m not going to show you the first sheets of sketching because they would make anyone cry. It all starts with the initial letter written in all kind of different and bizarre ways, and then I switch to the full name. With the last logo that we have worked on I had one word to dedicate myself to and at the end of the games I think I wrote it at least 500 times. I could easily sign checks using that word that has become so familiar to me.
As I told you the beginnings are quite ugly, but serve mainly to exclude the clearly impractical possibilites or the ones insanely ridiculous. After choosing a certain style we proceed as stubborn as mules. We write and write. The most difficult time is when you get to 3/4 of the work, when all seems like shit and all hope abandons the world. It’s a funny feeling to remember when you are on the other side of the tunnel, sipping tea with a good result in your hand. But that precise moment is pretty painful to experience and I think everybody has encountered it more often than not. That delicious istant when you feel really useless and incompetent and all you want to do is hide on the couch under a blanket while setting fire with gasoline to all the work done so far to forget it forever. In short, that precise moment when you totally feel like SHIT. Yet I have discovered that that is the decisive point that will make it or breake it. If you survive it suddendly everything gets better. Infact, being a survivor is enoough to make you feel the first benefits.

loghi collage
If I manage to just go on stubbornly and slowly and go beyond it, suddendly all the crap gets better and everything starts improving. And the word that at first kept getting stuck on the sheet as a catastrophe, begins to flow smoothly and easyly and to take just the shape I had in mind. The relief is just priceless. And then Luisa comes with a marker, and in five seconds turns my thin pen writing in a elegant, sinuous word. And oh well! If you want, I can occasionally lend her 😉

However once again this proves that surviving personal bullshits and insecurities becomes crucial. There’s nothing you can not achieve with the right effort and some hard work (let’s see if I can convince myself XD). And if the result is not be perfect, at least I will have the satisfaction of not having given up and to have reached the end and a final result. The scope of the effort will be enough to hide the imperfections that will always be there, but that sooner or later we have to come to accept. Having a little break to clear the mind and find a different perspective helps too, but I have learned that it is best to avoid doing so at a time when one is more desperate. Because when you do it, getting back to work becames even harder.

What about you? Do you have your own survival tactics? If you have, write them in the comments 🙂 Meanwhile, I am leaving you the link to our brand-new website. Luisa’s still working hard on it but I think it is turning out quite great 🙂