In recent years we have read all kind of guides and articles on the handmade business, but when we reach the part about networking, meeting face to face with the clients and the creation of collaborative relationships among colleagues… well the sense of discomfort always hits fiercely.

Don’t get me wrong, we adore collaborating to projects with our firneds (we are working on one, right now, that makes us pretty IMG_8732excited), but when it comes to self-promotion, and to explain who we are and what we do and what Pemberely Pond is about, we are really pretty awful. Our low esteem is always relentlessly at work and so when someone asks us “what do you do in life?” I flatly explain “We design posters that we sell online.” And then comes the silence.
“You really made this all by yourself?” “Yes” I answer. And then comes the DEADLY silence.

Yes, it is that bad.

I know, it is true that not everyone is good at human interaction and that you don’t need to be very outgoing to survive in this businnes. But there is surely a middle way that could work for us.

But since this year, as you already know, we have taken a vow of wonderfulness, this issue must be addressed. And there is no better place to interact with people and talk with clients than a fair. And since we are doing it why not do it properly? That is why in the next few weeks we will be at TWO hadmade festivals: one in Milan and one in Verona.

Truth is that we have a old grudge with fairs. A few years ago we used to go to A LOT of small markets and fairs and the most vivid memory of it all is the one of freezed asses. Try standing in the cold the whole day and see what happens to your ass. It takes forever to bring it back to life.


When Pemperley Pond was nothing more than a vague idea, we were selling MAGIC WANDS! Yes, that is correct. It was all about Harry Potter back in the days, and with our dear friend Angela we used to create journals, books and magic wands inspired by it. We used Fimo and glass beeds to make them and most of the fun was collecting stones and beads of all colors and sizes. It was fun! Afternoons of modelling, long chats and tea. But then there were the fairs. And those were hell for us (Angela was a natural). We were so bad at them that at a certain point we simply gave up and put all our energies into Pemberley Pond and into hiding behind an online shop and computer screens.

You can now understand how this is going to be a big challenge for us. But we are working on something special for our display (maybe it will talk for us? XD) and we have already stormed the DIY department and we are ready to paint some wood crates (a classic). We are going to build the whole display here in the living room and then we will practice talking to fake clients.

But most of all will try to have fun. We can do this!

Keep you fingers corssed for us, will you?? We’ll let you know how it goes 😉